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Hello everyone!  
We have some staff news / updates to fill you in on!  Nikki, of Dynamic, is leaving us this Friday to be a French Preschool teacher elsewhere.  She has worked her 3 different times over the 19 years and will always be welcomed back because we love her!!!!   She promises to visit!  Darlene, of Vivacity, will be moving to the Dynamic Room.  Classroom Heather, of Bounce, is moving to Annapolis Royal and finishes with us on October 11th.  She is a sweetie!  We will miss her too and she also promises to visit!   Heather was doing a maternity leave here and we have hired our sub, Amanda to finish that leave out.  Kristian, our sub that the children adore. has accepted a term position with us too.  The two staff who are on maternity leave are Jessica (who is due back approx December) and Angy (who is due back approx March.)  Dawn, who was on mat leave decided over the summer to not come back as she lives over by Clam Harbour :(   We hope she and Claire visit us on occassion!   Tiffany, who has been doing term positions with us for years has now been offered a permanent position and she accepted!!!!   Several of our staff are doing the course:  We often go to conferences and we also host them but this course (which just began and is free!) is a departure for us as it is a world wide online course.  We are excited!  Hope, our Assistant Director, is also increasing her knowledge base by taking the ECE Administrator Continuing Education course    Whew!  that was a long update for you all!