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Magna -Tiles :  We have a couple of children who love playing with the magna -tiles. Sometimes we take out the basket of the magna- tiles on the table as fine motor skill activity for the children to explore and they can enjoy and have fun playing. Some children were stacking the magna -tiles on the table, using different colours and shapes and sizes. Other children would take the magna- tiles and stack them on top of each other and make towers. One child was stacking the magna-tiles together and he said “I’m making a big house”. Another child was making boxes with the magna -tiles to put his favourite toy into the box then he noticed the box is small and could not fit his toy. He went to the basket and got bigger magna-tiles and made a bigger box, and he put his toy into the box. The children were exploring with different sizes, shapes and colour of the magna-tiles, and they enjoyed playing together.  The value that these materials bring to children's play is immeasurable.  This is a toy we have recommended to families again and again.  It gets children thinking in so many different ways.   


Our Hill, Mount Fred:   The children enjoy going outside and exploring their surroundings.  They particularly enjoy our hill, Mount Fred.  The children love coming down the hill. Some children will maneuver themselves up the hill by climbing up the tires, some may fall and get help from the teachers. Once up the hill:  the children will run down, roll down, and find the plastic blocks and slide down the hill.  When we think that we would not have our hill without our Co-Founder, Fred Hansen, whose idea it was to make a hill it really makes us so incredibly thankful....   Fred thought the kids really needed a hill and boy was he right! 
Late spring fun activity:
As you know at KIDS R KIDS, we go outside twice a day with weather temperatures permitting of course. We go out rain or shine. There was a rainy day when we went out last spring and we dressed up the children in their rain suits and got right outside in the rain. One of the teachers thought about adding some dish soap to the water to see what the children would think. The children were running back and forth on the back playground shouting “Bubbbbles!”  The children shouted with excitement while jumping around popping bubbles. One of the children were using their fingers to pop the bubbles one at a time. While others found some containers and were scooping and pouring the soapy water. We have also added food colouring for added fun!  We very much hope to be able to do this again together soon!  Fingers crossed!