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• The "Attending" slip at the bottom of the Family Fun Day notice is due in ASAP.
• The Green Room big school survey is due in ASAP.
• The Summer Questionaire is due in by June 6th.
Hats & Other Outwear

At the time of this post, we have to encourage parents to check the weather carefully when heading out in the morning. We have a wind on our playground as we are up a bit... and so it is ALWAYS chillier here then it is where you are heading out from.

HATS are required at all times on the playground. We encourage buckets hats particularly as they provide the most protection (shades most of the neck). Ball cap style is acceptable even though it does not protect the neck. Visors are not a possible hat as they do not protect the scalp fully from sun exposure .


Whether they are Crocs, Dawgs, or Holey-Soles, they are everywhere. Kids can wear them here, straps down at all times so that the gravel does not accumulate in the shoe.

We have never permitted sandals as they are a hazard on the playground.

Note: Jibbitz are not permitted on children's shoes as they are choking hazards. Jibbitz are the decorations for these shoes. Staff members have jibbitz (***brand name only as the inexpensive ones really come off easily***) as they are adults and are able to keep an eye on theirs frequently.


Thanks so much for your cooperation! :)