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I am a parent of a child attending Kids R Kids Day Care Centre in Halifax, NS. It is my pleasure to write to you about the centre as my experience over the past 3 years has been so wonderful for both my daughter and I.
Program wise there is always something interesting in the centre. Lately it has been a focus on experiencing Apples. I can’t remember the last time I saw Linda without a bag of apples in the Green Room at Kids R Kids! The children have had a blast peeling, slicing, dicing, squishing, squashing, drying and cooking with apples for the past month or so! I have always given the staff at Kids R Kids credit for not shying away from messy crafts and arts! There are days when I get there and shake my head in amazement at the mess of my one child and wonder how they dealt with more than one at a time!
With the new enforcement of maintaining staffing levels at lunch time, the management worked with the parent committee to make improvements to the staff facilities as limits were placed on staff. There is a peer selected Staff Member of the Month. I look forward to the selection each month as a sheet is made up for the member that highlights who was selected and what her teammates had to say about her. It is a great way to get to know the staff at the centre. Professional Development is strongly encouraged by management, last year management and the parent committee worked together to ensure that all staff members who wanted to attend the National Conference were able to attend at almost no cost to the staff members. As well there is something called “Fish Day” on the monthly calendars for the centre, each staff member has their own special fish shirt and they always seem more revved up than usual on “Fish Day”.
As a parent I have always felt welcomed at Kids R Kids. There was an open invitation to join the Sandbox Parent Committee, so I showed up one night and I have been hooked ever since. The joy, energy and excitement of the women of this centre is refreshing and it has been a true pleasure to do anything that I could to help them achieve their goals. I have attended every parent night that has been held and they are always entertaining and informative. Heather has been able to cover everything from checking for head lice to how to really prepare for school with humor and her own brand of playful enthusiasm.
As you will have seen from the examples above, Kids R Kids is very innovative and creative. Programs such as the Apple discovery, creating “Fish Day” for staff and doing everything humanly possible to bring as much information forward at parent nights show that this center is truly a center of Excellence and is well deserving of this award and recognition.
Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about such a tremendous child care Program of Excellence,
MP, Mother of A Dated April 24, 2008