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May 28, 2008

Dear Fellow Parents and Staff Members of KIDS R KIDS,

This evening, we had a Parent Committee meeting to explore whether or not we could send a staff member to the “Good Stuff for Kids” conference presented by Bev Bos in California. After reviewing the finances of the committee’s account, it was determined that we could indeed send a staff member.

Conference Information available by clicking here: "Good Stuff for Kids"

The daycare had determined prior to the meeting that it would need to be a senior staff member. Senior is defined by length of work experience with KIDS R KIDS.
This was a necessary criteria as extensive knowledge of the center’s history, curriculum and philosophy is required. Equally important are mentoring skills to share with the other staff members the knowledge acquired from the conference.

It is our intent to also send more staff members next year (2009).

The senior staff who were able to go into the draw:

Carole: who is away at that time
Eryn: whose baby is due at that time
Jessica: who is in a wedding at that time

So: Linda, Angela, Karin, Michele, Hope, and Sandra went in.

Two names were drawn out: 1 to be paid by daycare and 1 by the committee

The chair, Marlene, stirred the names and held the bowl and Trish pulled out one and Lisa pulled out one. Trish pulled out Michele and Lisa pulled out Hope. Staff were not involved in the drawing of names.

Congratulations and enjoy the conference. The committee will expect a presentation and souvenirs as well.