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On Wednesday, June 11 we will be celebrating our annual Family Fun Day at Kids R Kids. The event will run from 4:00 to 6:00 and will include the following fun activities:
Bouncy “castles” Face painting

Scholastic book fair Hot dogs, snacks, cake

Loot bags for the children that will include sidewalk chalk and bubbles to play with while waiting for turns at the other activities

The Family Fun Day activities are set up in the parking lot of the day care. Due to the facts that the parking lot is an unenclosed space and the activities require high levels of supervision we encourage parents to attend in order to ensure that their children have an opportunity to fully enjoy the event.

As it is Family Fun Day, siblings who do not attend the day care are more than welcome at the event.

Note: If it is not your child’s usual day to attend, you and your child are definitely invited regardless!

In the event that a parent cannot attend, the staff at Kids R Kids will do their best to include their children in the activities, but the children will need to remain in the playground until a safe ratio of staff member to children can be achieved (generally we prefer two children to one staff member).

Make sure to fill out the bottom portion of this notice that is going on your child's locker and hand it back in ASAP. thanks! and keep fingers crossed for nice weather too please! :)