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We had our Parent Night on the 14th of May this month. It was the continuation of the Parent Night that we had in April. We filled the parents who attended in briefly on what took place in April.

We also announced that June is Child Care Awareness Month in Nova Scotia. It is proclaimed by the various municipalities as well as at Province House with a flag raising ceremony.

We filled in the parents on the nomination that the Parent Committee had made re: the Award of Excellence (see previous post).

We had an array of refreshments for the parents (cans of juice on ice, chilled bottled water, cookies, fruits and veggies and dip as well).

We had everyone sign in and then I explained a brief history of our interest in Bev Bos and her work.

Video Evening:

We then began by watching the video that started it all for us... a clip from 20/20 over 15 years ago. It led to many chuckles as Barbara Walters looked oh so young... glasses were huge!!! and so was hair... I explained how I had been toting the video around and showing it to all and sundry and casually mentioned how it now enjoys an autograph on the side of it. :)

We then had some refreshments and began to discuss what we had viewed and after about 10 minutes or so... we put on the other video. This one was the one we viewed a little bit on at our Parent Night in April after much discussion and introduction.

The group viewed this in it's entirety and then we discussed it. Some parents asked some questions regarding it's relations to our center, what our plans are for change and our views on extra-curricular activities at the center as well.

I will check in with the staff and the notes from the evening to add more detail about the discussion.