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Good Evening Everyone! Wasn't today beautiful out? Last night, your children's teachers and I had a long staff meeting. We had quite a big agenda. We had our consultant join us to discuss our learning environments and all the changes we are implementing and the contest we currently have underway. We also discussed the amazing pieces of documentation the teachers have been had at work to make learning visible for all of you and to enable reflection amongst the children of their own accomplishments. We ask that you take a moment or two to enjoy the pieces of documentation. We always upload them to our flickr as well. Are you our flickr friend? You cannot view them if you are not. Drop us an email for "flickr friending directions" to be sent to you. We discussed our Professional Development Retreat that is coming up, how we make families feel welcome and areas of improvement, sustainability, usage of our new mud kitchens and how to introduce new materials to the children. We thanked the teachers for their time at the end of a long day and we ask for your patience as we make the changes to the rooms that we know the children will enjoy. Our consultant shared research with us that children learn more deeply when in an environment that is like home. We were so delighted to her this as it validates all that we are striving for. : ) Have a great night!