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The Video of Tosh & The Puddle 

Why do we permit this type of activity?  What parent would be ok with this activity?  Does this prepare children for school?  Yes, it does!  It prepares them for life as well as school!  We do engage with pre-literacy activities and math and science BUT we always encourage the children to explore their environment and make decisions about how to engage with it and the materials present to enable learning at all levels. While Tosh (mom gave permission to share) explores in this manner, he is learning what his body can do, how he can move, what happens to his clothes and his skin when he is wet, what color his clothes will be, how the water feels and the relationship between the water and ground underneath it, how splashing makes the puddle size change, his brain is building connections as to what is transpiring.  He is also learning that his teachers are there for him.  They support his choices, his decisions and encourage him.  He knows that they are close by and trust him as he trusts them.  His gross and fine motor movements assist with spatial awareness which leads to the ability to read and write!  Bev Bos (an international renowned Early Childhood Specialist) says "If it hasn't been in the hand or the body, it can't be in the brain."  She also says to always ask yourself "Will the end of the world come if I let this occur?  Will a child learn something?"  In this moment, the teachers assessed the situation, they knew it was warm out and he could not get a chill, they knew he had extra clothes, they asked themselves "Will he learn something?" and he did AND it validated our work and his mom was delighted.  : ) 

 The video of Tosh & The Puddle