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Hey everyone!!!!  

Long time no blog!   : )  

We would like to send our love to our team member Angy who has been off now for a couple of weeks preparing for the arrival of her first child.  We miss her and hope that she enjoys getting ready!  (Baby shower soon!)

We also want to welcome our new team member, Heather MacKillop!  Yes, ANOTHER Heather!  We can't believe it either!  LOL.  So we have Office Heather, Kitchen Heather AND Classroom Heather!  : )   She is working with Faith and Jennie. 

Since we stopped our daily blogs per rooms we have uploaded tons and tons of photos to our Flickr in replacement to keep our families involved and connected : )   Way to go Teams!  : )

In addition to that, all the rooms have been producing some spectacular pieces of documentation : )   Here is a great article on documentation: that we think you will enjoy : ) 

We have introduced the program  Tadpoles  through pilotting it in 2 rooms and just this week launching it in all the rooms of the centre.   The feedback has been 98% positive with the feedback that adding personalization would make it even better.   To that feedback we say, ABSOLUTELY!!!!   Give us a chance please.  We are learning on the fly here and have our training on Monday evening.   We are also instally a commercial router to eliminate the inconsistent syncing of information on devices.  

We also hosted not 1, but 2, conferences in the past two months!  We brought Lois Wachtel here from Florida and had approximately  175 ECEs, as well as us learn from her.  Here are the topics of that day!   And then we brought Lenore Skenazy (America's Worst Mom!) here from New York and had 278 ECEs learn from her with us.  Here are those topics!

We had a donation of a gazillion picture frames and we are beginning to put them to good use.  Darlene, Traecy and Ellie have done some creative displays with them and the children are really seeing them as a form of connection, excitedly going to them and showing them to their families : )   

We also became the family to the sweetest bunny on the planet, Buttons!  Seriously, don't argue with us!  We mean it!  So sweet!  The children have really been extremely involved in the entire process of learning about him before he came, selecting his name, discussing what he needs and now Buttons is taking turns visiting families on the weekend as well!  

We also decided to change the names of our classrooms.  The color names not only were used to identify the rooms but also as the titles of the individual programs here at KrK.  They were decided 18 years ago when I had the walls, furniture, curtains, lockers, chairs etc. painted those colors and at that point in time from a curricular point of view teaching children colors was a very big deal.  We are not saying that colors and the concept of colors are not important.  As our field, knowledge and practice has evolved, we have learned so much more about how children develop and process information.  Learning colors is not something that takes children a long time as they are surrounded by them and engaged with them continually, discussing their clothes, their food, their homes, their bedrooms, their toys so for us to name a room after a color is not something we would do now at all.  Further then that is the fact that the current names do not really represent who the children are, or what we do here.  We have tried for the past several years to make our classrooms and our programs more real, authentic and always based on the current research regarding child development.  Whew!  That was a ton of information!!!!   I really do ramble on, don't I? So we have changed the names to represent the children and our work.  We realize it will take quite some time for us to make the shift stick, for you, for us, for the children so we have anticipated that the rooms may well still be referred to as their color names but we are hoping that over time we will all get 'er done.   So here comes the names:   (drumroll please....) 

  • Our Rainbow Room (Baby) is going to now be Tangible.  This word is an adjective: discernible by the touch, real or actual.  We love it for this program as babies have to touch everything.  They focus on the now and explore it with the main way they experience things at this age is with their senses.  
  • Our Purple Room (the room that is transitional between our Baby and Toddler Programs) is now going to be Mezzo.  This is an Italian word which quite simple can mean half.  This is in reference to the children still be babies and also being toddlers.  They are still having elements of the infant program but are experiencing elements of the toddler program too.  We thought about words that mean preparation and energy as well but we want to really value the fact that they are on the cusp of both important realms of Early Childhood:  Baby and Toddlerhood.  
  • Our Yellow Room has become Bounce.  We wanted to select the word Ebullient which means overflowing with enthusiasm and excitement as that fits the toddlers to a "T" but the word is a challenge to pronounce for many.  So we have simplified by using Bounce.  
  • Our Red Room is Zest.  These toddlers are just like our others, full of life, energy and happiness.  They have a thirst for experiences and a Zest for learning!  
  • Our Blue Room has become Vivacity.  It is another wonderful synonym for energy.  It is define by liveliness, animation and activity.  Well these children are ALL that for sure : )   A vivacious community in that room : ) 
  • Lastly, our Green Room is now Dynamic which speaks to force related to motion.  Those children indeed have that as well as a dynamic penchant to soak up all ideas around them.  

I think I probably have other things to tell you but this is a lot to digest so I will leave it at that for now.   We are always on the go here at KrK and are so lucky to spend time with your children, working with the wonderful families and then we are privileged to be a team together as well.  

Have a wonderful weekend!  

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 Office Heather