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In Attendance:  Staff Rep:  Karin Bradley,  Parents:  Misty Rossiter, Colleen Cash, Linda MacKay, Pat McIntosh for Brandy McIntosh, Administrator: Heather Hansen-Dunbar       

Regrets:  Jennifer Prosper

From the Daycare Act:  “The facility’s agenda for each meeting includes (48 (5))

Ø      Safety care and well being of the children (48 (5)(a)):

o       Health:   numerous cases of a stomach virus that has affected both staff and children

Ø      Status of facility’s license (48 (5)(b)):  we had our licensing inspection at the beginning of this month.  License is full and is in compliance with no violations.  Discussion took place on some things to consider for future.  Pea gravel at end of snake slide even though slide is shorter then 18 inches.

Ø      Programs provided by the licensee (48 (5)(c )):   we maintain the same curriculum – that of a combination of Bosian and Emergent with full time and part-time programs for ages 3 months to 5yrs

Ø      Equipment & materials available to the children (48 (5) (d)):  placed large art order (has yet to arrive) from Scholar’s Choice, ordered and received 8 new cribs and a Light Cube from Avron, many items purchased for aesthetics of rooms for P/D / organization weekend that took place this month.  Needing clear luggage tags.  Idea to email T Clancey regarding these tags. 

Ø      Staffing patterns and staff qualifications (48 (5) (e)):   A staff member just went on mat leave this week – she has a Level 1 and we have hired another Level 1 for her position and then to move into another staff member’s job as she is expecting as well.  A staff member filling in for another mat leave that is already in progress has begun courses to acquire her Level 1.

Ø      Fundraising:  

o       Norcard concluded with a total sales of $715.50.  We sent a cheque off for the 25% - $178.88 to act as a deposit.  This will also be the same amount that we will make off of it.  Just worried about the shipping.  Shipping is only free with a certain amount of sales and last year we did not get that and then had to pay for shipping.  

o       Sand Dollar Silver took place but we do not yet have the figures in as she is filling the orders. 

o       in progress: Mabel’s Labels – ongoing

o       Sleepover on Dec. 6th:  We are just putting out the sign up sheet:  Volunteers:  Traecy, Ellie, Pat, HHD, Shannon, Faith, Natalie

  • Discussion regarding our upcoming conferences.

Ø      Parent Committee Account:  Deposit made to account for Norcard - $652 and cheque was written for $178.88 for the Norcard order deposit. These are the only transactions since previous reconciliation was completed.

Next Parent Committee Meeting:   December one? Uncertain at this time if one is necessary.  We will discuss via email.