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Date:  October 8th , 2015

In Attendance:  Tamika Lightfoot, Warren Haire, Lisa Strenkoswki, Brandy McIntosh / Patricia McIntosh, Shelley Rideout, Heather Hansen-Dunbar

Regrets:  Loni Vicaire, Karin Bradley (S/R)

From the Daycare Act:  The facilitys agenda for each meeting includes (48 (5))

      Safety, care and well being of the children (48 (5)(a)):  There are no current illnesses at the centre.

     Status of facilitys license (48 (5)(b)):  License is full and is in compliance with no violations.  Fire inspection took place in September and a couple of notes were made:  sprinkler inspection report should be 3 pages not 1, shelves by electrical panel in storage room is to be cut, plants are to come down in baby room, fire extinguishers are to be no higher then 5 ft., confirm that all power bars are CSA approved. Returning on November 2nd.

     Programs provided by the licensee (48 (5)(c )):   Our curriculum is Emergent.   We provide both full and part time programs for toddlers and preschoolers; full time programs only for infants.

     Equipment & materials available to the children (48 (5) (d)):  Art order (Avron) was just placed and arrived. Its total came to $2298.65.  Birch poles put up in the front playground for weaving and canopies.  Play Hut: hive was commissioned & installed on front playground. Summer purchases included:  bubbles, balls.   New metal ergonomic childrens shovels, spades, rakes were purchased from Lee Valley.  2 Fairy Houses have been ordered from Early Explorations as well as additional catapults.

  •  Staffing patterns and staff qualifications (48 (5) (e)):

      Baby Room:   4 staff:  1 Level 1, 3 Level 2s,  Mezzo:  1 staff: Level 1, Bounce:  3 staff:   3 Level 2s, Zest:  3 staff:  3 Level 3s, Vivacity:  3 staff:  1 Level 3, 1 Level 2, 1 Level 1, Dynamic:  3 staff:  1 Level 1, 1 Level 2, 1 Entry Level

   we dream of and are on display in the front entrance.  We also would like to have the Parent Committee assist with the funds to send 4 staff to the conference in Maryland in April 2016:   We have tentatively pre-registered the spaces. The account stands at $1998.74.  We have two sleepovers booked as fundraisers as well:  November 13th and December 4th .  We are also planning 1 – 2 sleepovers in the new year.  We conduct the Lucky Duck Lotto  ticket sales in January / February.  We will need to have funds for the annual Teacher’s Appreciation Day in the spring of 2016 (May). 

  • Methods of Accomplishing our Work:  A discussion took place around positions, Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.  A decision was made to fill these positions after two meetings to provide familiarization.  We all discussed that a Facebook Group would be a great way to communicate and plan our work. 

Next Parent Committee Meeting:   November 9, 2015