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In Attendance:  LM (parent), MR (parent), JR (parent) sent regrets, NS (staff & parent), JS (staff & parent), HHD (director / resource to committee) 


  • Safety Care & Well Being of the Children:   No specific illness currently going around.  Maintenance book is up to date and playground checks are regularly taking place.  
  • Status of the Facility's License:  is current, up to date, no violations
  • Programs Provided By the Licensee:  part time, full time, infant, toddler and preschool
  • Equipment & Materials Available to the Children:  shopping lists have been submitted for items needed for new regulations.  Also working on acquiring more "loose parts" 
  • Staffing Patterns & Staff Qualifications:  Discussed JC maternity leave position --- was interviewed for and filled.  The mat leave doesn't begin until late summer but the term position successful candidate, SD, will begin end of May to begin covering staff vacations.  She has a Degree in Child Study.  All other staff are the same as previous parent meeting and all staff have recieved their confirmation of levels. 


  • Fundraising Report:   Muscular Dystrophy Hopathon of 2011 raised a total of $773 with 100% going to MD.  The Raffle raised $521 and the May Sleepover Raised $840.  
  • Teacher's Appreciation Day:   Reported what food donations are planned by what families.  Printed off note for all lockers and committee members cut and put out all the notices prior to end of meeting that evening.  Discussion around costs of the evening event - Halifax Feast Dinner Theater for 24 staff members with 25% off.  
  • Family Breakfast Plans:   Discussed event and date, printed off notices, sign up sheet and posters for the event
  • Family Fun Day Plans:   Discussed facepainters and both Glow Promotions vs Hyper Promotions for Bouncy selection for the event.