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In attendance: HHD (Administration rep), NS (staff/parent), JS (fundraising rep/staff/parent), LMK (parent), SM (parent), MR (regrets as gave birth that very day!!!) and CV (regrets as had last minute change of plans) 

Required Agenda:

-Safety Care and Well Being of the children: DBM’s and vomiting. Coughing. Hand, Foot, and Mouth.

-Status of the facility’s license: is current and up to date, no violations.

-Programs provided by the licensee:  Part Time, Full Time, Full Day, Infant, Toddler and Preschool.

-Equipment and materials available to the children: 6 Easels, Art order in process.

-Staffing patterns and Staff Qualifications: NR didn’t work out. TS has taken over for EA mat leave, she is in Yellow. SH has gone on mat leave. Melanie will be doing her Mat leave term which is 6 months, she is in baby.

Asked for questions: There is none.

PC Work Agenda:

Linda was elected for treasurer.

Reconcile account. Balance $2112.63

Who’s eligible for CA: Missy, Eryn, Jessica??

We need to discuss with Heather HD

          How many are we sending? HHD is going to reflect.

Sleepover: was held Nov 25.  Raised $630

Stik-ees: Profit $8.67

Hopathon April 5

Family Breakfast June 6

Family Fun Day June 14 Rain Date June 21

Sleepovers: May 4 and June 8

Lucky Duck Due March 23 will roll out beginning of Feb. 1st