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Red Room: The Fashion Show!

It was quite the stormy sight today, so we decided to stay inside this morning. A large bag of clothes had been donated, so a teacher brought them into our classroom to look through. The children were very curious to see what was inside this bag. When it was opened, many of the children were excited and wanted to try on some of the clothes they spotted. A few of the children saw some very "pretty dresses" and wanted to try them on. One child couldn't choose between four she had found, so she put all of them on at once! The children were having such a great time doing their "fashion show" as one child called it. This was also a great opportunity for many of the children to practice their self help skills! We're hoping for a clear afternoon so we can head outside in the snow.   :)

Yellow Room:  Zoom, Zoom!

When coming into yellow this morning one of the children asked for the strollers. The children needed help "fixing" the strollers (opening them up and placing the fabric over the holders to sit the babies in).  The teachers set them up and the children were off to the races!  They zoomed the empty strollers up and down the hallway area, from one end of the classroom to the other, stopping only for traffic going through the room. They continued zooming all around the shelving units, then spotted the babies and blankets.  They wrapped the babies and stuffed animals in blankets, put the bundles in the strollers and then continued to zoom around the classroom again.

Blue Room:  Science Is Fun!

The children gathered around Erin as she made a new batch of play dough. They love new dough, they had a lot of trouble waiting, but when it was done they pulled out the tortillas press' and began to flatten and stretch the dough. They have been making cookies a lot lately. One child spent a large portion of time making donuts. We didn't spend too long outside because it was so cold, however the time we were out, the children were diving down the hill first and then sledding. They made snow angles and jumped in the snow. This afternoon we are going to stay inside and do some science activities. Vinegar and baking soda, gooey gunk, goop and cinnamon, snow and spray bottles as well as ice cube trays and Pom poms.

Green Room:  Enjoying The Snow

This morning we headed outside early so we could enjoy all the snow. We grabbed our sleds and headed for the hill. Anxiously we were waiting our turn to head down the hill and show how fast our sleds could go. Meanwhile in other areas of the playground, several children were busy shoveling paths and making big snow piles. After coming inside we enjoyed playing games and acting out silly songs in our gathering. This afternoon we had fun sorting colors and shapes. We also enjoyed putting together two puzzles and bringing the cars and animals to play on the farm and in the town.

Baby And Purple:  Exploration of Blocks, Puzzles, And Cars

Today purple room decided to stay joined with us for some exploration with different toys. The children were engaged in building towers with the foam blocks.  They were also moving the big cars and empty containers around the classroom. This afternoon the children were engaged in exploration with puzzles that were placed on shelf tops. They took the pieces out of their frames and transported them around the classroom by hand and/or in containers.