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At KIDS R KIDS, our mission is to provide quality early childhood education and care to all the children we serve.  We do this through the provision of inclusive enriched learning environments, a team of trained, dedicated professionals, an Emergent curriculum with many Reggio inspired aspects, a secure facility with proximity card access, nutritious home-cooked meals, and an integral partnership with parents. We strive to perpetually improve on our service, as well as our program and our professional development.  Reflection is key to our work. As the children and families grow, so too shall we.


All families deserve quality childcare.  All children deserve the opportunity to play, explore and be all that they can be.  We envision Early Childhood Care & Education as an ever-evolving triad of commitment:  families, professionals and licensing agencies, ensuring the quality and development necessary for our future society.

Philosophy and Goals

This philosophy of KIDS R KIDS is that there are three important basics to providing quality early childhood education - wonder, discovery and experience. The WONDER is wanting to know and learn, the DISCOVERY is putting that desire to learn into effect through exploration, and the EXPERIENCE is the actual interactions between the child and his/her environment. It has been said that "experience is not the best teacher, it is the only teacher" Bev Bos

It is our view that teachers act as guides throughout the learning process with the child as the active participant. Our program teaches through a process, or discovery approach to learning. Our approach is one of child-centered teaching and all of the teachers demonstrate developmentally appropriate practice as often as possible.

At KIDS R KIDS it is our goal to meet the needs of the individual child. We will provide opportunities for each child to grow in the following areas - physical, social, emotional, linguistic, and intellectual. We will encourage creativity and independent thinking.

At all times we provide quality care for the child with nutritionally balanced menus, regular nap times, protection of health and safety from disease.

We offer a comforting, fun-loving environment which has been planned specifically to encourage the development of friendships - friendships among the children and between the children and our teaching staff.

Our Core Values

Family:  A sense of belonging adds a depth and richness to the feeling of being welcomed.  It is the cornerstone to real caring relationships.  These relationships are necessary to meet all of the needs of young children as they grow and develop.  Our atmosphere focuses on real experiences, two way communication and parent information sessions.

Respect:   Respect is the foundation of any positive relationship. All people need to learn to respect themselves, the people around and the environment we all live in. Gaining respect in all dimensions of life will inspire self worth, kindness, compassion, trust, honesty and the feeling of safety and security. It is the basis of personal growth and practical life skills.

Communication:   Open communication and active listening lead to stronger relationships and understanding between parents, staff and children. This is achieved through knowing your audience, good eye contact, body language and tone.

Play:  Importance of play begins with arranging our environments to best meet the needs of our children. We present real/natural experiences through the help of our children, parents and our community as a whole.  Our experiences are recorded and documented to display intellectual growth and development in our children’s day to day lives.