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Special Events

At KIDS R KIDS, special events are a big part of our program and the daycare experience. 

We have many annual events. 

We have parties with the children celebrating the various seasons: our Pretending Party at the end of October, our Caring Party in December, our Warm & Fuzzy Party in February, and our Bounce into Spring party in the Spring.  Parents are invited to attend any and / or all of these parties.  The children, parents and staff enjoy the gatherings tremendously. 

We tend to think of the year as going from September to August. 

So our first annual event each year is the KIDS R KIDS Birthday party - we have a gigantic cake in September, singing Happy Birthday with the entire center (all the children and staff) assembled together to make our wish for another happy year and then we have our cake.  As the parents arrive, we share the massive cake. 

October brings the Pretending Party.  Also each October, the staff of the center select a Friday to dress UP to fundraise for Breast Cancer.  Many companies dress down, but we dress up. We alert the families and have coin boxes out if anyone would like to donate but of course this is completely optional. 

November initiates our monthly winter pyjama days.  We have pyjama day the third Friday of every month from November to April.  The kids and staff wear pyjamas & slippers for the day which leads to enjoying giggling all day as they play with toys, do activities as well as eat in their jammies.  We have had some parents even get into the fun by dropping their kids off in pyjamas to give us an extra laugh!  We have often had a food drive for the Metro Food Bank in November (participation optional) and the kids parade in each day with a can here and there.

December brings many special moments.  We participate in the communtiy toy drive.  A tree is in the front entrance with tags on it and families can, if they choose to participate.  We love the fact that the gifts for those in need pile up for all to see and then get delivered.  The month draws to a close with our Caring Parties throughout the center.  

The new year comes in and we have fun days like Beach Day or Backwards Day or Hat Day to combat the winter blahs.  There is of course no doubt that the PJ Days are still happening and causing great joy. 

February heralds the Warm & Fuzzy parties. We hold both a Hop-a-thon for Muscular Dystrophy and a Bounce into Spring Party during the Springtime.

June is an unbelievably busy month!  We are just going, going, going.  The month begins with our annual Family Breakfast.  This is a morning where parents do the cooking in kitchen (volunteer to take brief turns), we supply the feast and the families have breakfast together in the many classrooms. 

After the Family Breakfast, we then get busy for the Graduation Ceremony and Celebration (Our Green children who will be going to "Big" school in September), and our Family Fun Day.  The Graduation has grown over the years and has become quite the event.  The kids wear Green Grad Gowns with their grad hats and have sashes bearing the year.  They process down our front deck where the guests are assembled and they then share some of what they have learned with the gathered audience.  They receive their diplomas and gifts and then we have time for picture taking.  The same day then switches to our Family Fun Day for the entire center.  We have a large inflatable bouncy climbers that is fun for all, loads of food, beverages, and refreshments, miniature horses take the kids for rides in a carriage up and down our street, face painting and other activities are set up with music adding to the festivities.