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The History of Kids R Kids (so far...)

KIDS R KIDS presently is licensed for ages 3 months and up and can have 106 kids a day.  But that was not always the case, read on to know our history.  There are pictures in the middle and then you can read on, up to the present. 

We opened our doors at the end of August 1995.  We held many open houses celebrating our opening and began to enroll children ages 2 - 5.  We began our program operations on September 5, 1995 with both full and part time programs.


In the Spring of 1996, we changed our licensed to include school age children up to the age of 9.  We then offered day camp programs for school-agers.

In January of 1998, we changed our license to include toddlers and began a toddler program for 18 month olds. During that same year, we began plans to open an infant unit.  This required much research and planning.  We renovated one of our classrooms and the infant program started that September 1st.  Our license then became for 3 months and up.

We quickly realized that infants should have specially designed spaces just for them.  Although our renovations had developed a super program and space, we knew we could build on and design and infant space from scratch, so these plans began in early 1999.  The expansion broke ground July 2nd, 1999 and our babies moved into the new section on September 1 of that year.  We and the babies and of course the parents, loved it!  We still do.

So... KIDS R KIDS is always changing, growing and developing --- to be the best it can be.  And the main reason we grow and change is through the experiences and learning we share with your children.  It is a privilege to have them here and as they grow and learn, parents grow and learn, so too do we.


Our Front Entrance --- back in the day.