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Cold Weather

We need to make certain that ALL of the children are ready for some winter fun.  We also need to make certain that the staff are doing all they can to make certain your child is comfortable as they enjoy the brisk temperatures.  Definitely, one of these times when the partnerships between the daycare and the parents is important. 

  • As weather can be so changeable, it is necessary to pack a variety of clothes for all possible temperatures / weather that come along in winter.  This makes the backpack full to the brim but better to be ready for all possibilities.  (pants, sweaters, raincoat / windbreaker, splash pants, winter jacket, winter hat, mitts & extra mitts, snow pants, winter boots (extras are encouraged)) (p.s. dont forget changes of clothes too!)  WE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY OF THESE ITEMS. 
  • If your child does not have the appropriate outer wear, we will be calling you asking you to provide it ASAP.  We cannot keep children in as all staff are on duty with the children going out. 
  • Temperature:  The children go out every day, usually twice.  The guideline that we are told to follow is If the temperature falls below -25C (-13F) regardless of the wind-chill factor, consider keeping children indoors.  Stay indoors regardless of the temperature if the following occurs:  the wind-chill factor is reported as -28C or greater (the point at which exposed skin freezes in a matter of minutes).page 449 Well Beings. 
  • By no means do we wait for the maximum cold temperature as indicated in the above guideline before we cancel outdoor play. 
  • We check the temperature and conditions twice a day (sometimes more) and post it on The Outdoor Play Boardin the front entrance. 
  • Wet Check:  After coming in from outdoor play, the staff are required to make certain that the child is not wet (feet, legs, etc.)  The staff conduct these checks while undressing outerwear and go around to check on the children who have undressed independently to determine if they are wet.  Your child may be wet for a brief period of time as the teachers go around and check everyone and work on the changes. 
  • The state of the outer wear:  we will prepare your childs outer garments at noon time for afternoon fun but will not have time to do this again after p.m. play, so you might want to have extra jacket & shoes in car to head home in.
  • Ice:  As with all seasons, before any children go onto the playground, staff member(s) are to go out to walk throughout the area to confirm that there is no glass, on any other unsafe objects. During the winter months, ice / snow conditions shall be determined the same way.  Staff then shall confer with administration as to the safety of outdoor play in relation to ice / snow conditions. The preschooler often have a "winter talk": this is a group discussion about the fun of winter and the hazards of winter.  Throwing snow or ice is not permitted. Traction sand is spread throughout the playground to provide traction for all. Staff shall use the ice "breakers" to break the ice on our walkways and the heavy ice throughout play areas.  Staff s use the ergonomic shovel to shovel the broken ice away. If the conditions are deemed to dangerous for children to play, at all, on the playground, then deck play shall take place provided the temperature and weather are cooperative. The staff have the authority to close our hill and all climbing, sliding apparatus with relation to the safety of the play surface of the playground.  The children receive direction and explanation regarding where they can play.
  • Deck usage:  when we as a team, determine that the playground is too wet for a group of children, they will then be on the deck for their outdoor play.  We initiate games on the deck and like to enjoy music there too.
  • Reminder:  Label, Label, Label and Label!  Make sure to label prominently.  We also remind you that we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Labeling prominently will prevent these situations.  We have also have lost and found locations throughout the center.  Our lost and founds are empty semi-regularly and taken to Value Village as donations so make sure to be in the habit of checking them over.  
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