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At KIDS R KIDS, we recognize that the children are the heart of the daycare, so we like parents to feel that it is their center, too.  We include parents in our parties (bobbing for apples!), and our professional development (first aid courses, behavior guidance, etc.)  In fact, parents are encouraged to join us whenever they can – whether it be for lunch, field trips, circle time, planned activities or free play.

We invite parents to be resources for the children – to share their work, culture or special interests and talents with the children.  We all enjoy guest speakers.

We have a Parent Committee, The Sandbox, which meets regularly, and is tremendously involved in our special events, our program development as well as activities in both the community and the child care field.  It is an open committee that all can participate on and reports to all the families as well as the staff. 

Here at KIDS R KIDS, we respect individuality of both the children and the parents too.  Through a partnership approach, we meet the needs of your individual child.