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We are committed to maintaining and adhering to the Public health guidelines for COVID-19. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of the families that we serve and the children in our care.  We have put numerous changes and protocols into place to help control the spread of COVID-19 in our centre and community.  We provide a caring, healthy and safe environment for families, children and staff. In addition to  the development of our Pandemic Protocol Policy Plan, we will also be adhering to the COVID-19 Guidance for Child Care Settings and the Guidelines for Communicable Disease Prevention and Control for Child Care Settings.  To review all of this please go to our Resources Section of our Website

As of June 2015, we recieved revised Guidelines for Communicable Disease Prevention and Control for Child Care Settings  that we are required to follow.  We require parents to be very familiar with it. 

At KIDS R KIDS, we take the health of the children, families and staff very seriously. 

Air -  We have 3 air exchangers and 28 windows for excellent ventilation and air quality. 

Sanitizing - We have a sanitizer in our kitchen which sanitizes all the dishes after washing them and it additionally takes most of our toys.  The infants and toddler toys are sanitized with great frequency.  Preschool toys are sanitized on a regular basis.  The sanitizing machine was something that our director felt was really necessary and we love it.  It makes the procedure so much easier, efficient and effective.  It also provides peace of mind as the machine measures the detergent and increases the temperature of the water further so as to ensure maximum sanitization.  The product we use to sanitize the tables, cots, counters, shelves, chairs and other equipment is measured in our maintenance room.  

Handwashing - In addition to having hand soap throughout the center, we also have hand sanitizer for the adults.  This enables us to increase our chances at combating the spread of germs and lets us focus on the children as much as possible.  We are constantly teaching and reminding the children of the importance of handwashing as well as the steps to do it right. 

Monitoring Illness - we keep very close tabs on any trends with regards to illness.  Each classroom has log books that the teachers utilize for notes throughout each day.  The log sheets were designed by our program to have spaces for us to document physical notations on the children as they arrive (i.e. appears lethargic, not themselves, etc.), to note parent feedback from previous evening, to log any children's absences due to illness and type of illness, to log any children needing to leave due to illness, symptoms, parent notification and notes upon return to program.  We also monitor patterns in staff illness, substitutes and parents if any of these adults choose to share the details.  We call public health to report any patterns that are prevalent. 

When Might Your Child be Too Sick to Attend Our Programs? The most important factor to always remember, if your child is unable to participate in any aspect of our program, then - - - they are too ill to be at the center.  This can vary from child to child as they are of course individuals but would not vary with highly contagious diseases as the policy must be adhered to in that case.