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  WE MISS YOU!!!!     💗💗💗

Dear Families of KIDS R KIDS!  Especially the kids of the families of KIDS R KIDS!!!!

We have told that we miss you in our blog posts, in our Zoom Circles and these still do not fully convey how much we miss you.  

The teacher have prepared individual messages for all of the children.  We are so hoping that every single child gets to see THEIR message.  They wrote them out on signs for the children and we hope that you will help them to see it by pausing the video when their sign comes along to read it to them.  The messages are from the team with love. And they mean every word. 

From Tangible with Love xo   (Our Baby Room with Sandra, Bev, Kelsey and Bella)

  From Bounce with Love xo  (One of our Toddler Rooms with Faith, Karin, and Angela)  

From Zest with Love xo  (One of our Toddler Rooms with Fatema, Kim and Domanique)


From Vivacity with Love xo  (One of our Preschool Rooms with Darlene, Rita and Tiffany) 

From Dynamic with Love xo  (One of our Preschool Rooms with Missy, Hopey and Brianna)  

From Office Heather with Love xo  (One of the two Heathers at KrK but the one that works in the office) 

 From Pat, Our Inclusion Coordinator              From Kitchen Heather