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Children are just naturally drawn to swings. We have several different swings in the classrooms. The babies have a very low platform that they use as a swing. The other classrooms have hammocks swings, a platform swing and a couple other types of swings. Swinging helps the children to build and strengthen core muscles, which are the muscles that give us the ability to sit and stand unsupported. The children can be quite creative when it comes to creating their own swings. There is a buoy on the playground that the children tie or ask a teacher to tie on a tree branch. They will then grab a hold of the rope with both hands and jump so they are sitting on top of the buoy. Some children find something to stand on so they are able to reach the rope to get on the buoy. There is a large ships rope that the children wanted wrapped around the snake slide. After this was done a child noticed that they could sit on the rope like a swing. There is almost always someone on it swinging when we are outside. Swinging can also help to calm and  soothe a child who might be upset. Swinging also helps children with social interactions and practice turn-taking with their peers.

Here is a song about swinging by one of the world’s most famous Early Childhood Educator mentors’ Bev Bos:  


This New Adventure 

I decided to share how my time at home has been going since I am sure many of you can relate. I tend to put a positive spin on things that may not seem so positive but it is how I deal and move forward so here goes... Having a partner who is still leaving the house to go to work is kind of scary, although I am thankful he is not laid off. I also have feelings of jealousy as he can leave and I can't. I am home with my step daughter 24/7. Time alone has not happened in 30 days now so I envy my partner’s drive alone to and from work everyday even though it's only a 3 minute drive haha! All of this aside, I love having this time to spend with my little family. Some challenges have been finding quiet moments to get work done from home, helping with school work that sometimes takes all day, attempting to do something fun together everyday to keep spirits up since playdates are a thing of the past right now. Some of the things we have been doing from home are: biking in the yard, baking/cooking together, playing scrabble, video chats with family and friends, making slime, planting flowers, creating an indoor veggie garden, setting up a desk in my step daughter's room so she has a quiet working space, playing dress up 

together and family movie nights in. There are days we just want to snuggle on the couch for a bit and it's important to be able to set everything else aside for a moment to let that happen, especially right now. During this pandemic I hope everyone can feel the love and find the positive parts everyday. I miss you all and hope you are well and stay well.


The children in Bounce Room really enjoy going up into the loft that we have in our classroom. Some of the children enjoy the challenge of going up and down the stairs, some of the children will sit down on the steps and will have books or some stuffed animals with them when they sit down. When the children are in the loft, they will shout down “Hello down there!” or some will say “Hello up there!”  The children really enjoy when a teacher goes up there with them. When I go up there, I like to sing songs or some of the children will get some books and I will read the books to them. I enjoy the time with them. Up in the loft, we have a big pillow and I will lay down on the pillow with the children. One day, a couple of the children got some blankets and a few scarves and put them over me and said “Shhh” time to sleep, more children joined in and had fun putting me down for a nap. The children like to do role modelling and here they were putting their teacher down for a nap. I miss the children and I am looking forward to going back to work!

 Kitchen Heather

Egg and Veggie Scramble


6 eggs

1\4 tsp skim milk

1\4 tsp ground pepper

1 tsp canola Oil

1 1\2 cups mixed frozen or fresh vegetables (such as onions, bell peppers, mushrooms)

Serve with whole grain toast or roll this scramble up I to a small whole grain tortilla

This recipe is perfect for using up produce that is starting to wilt in your fridge. Chop up any vegetables you have on hand such as tomatoes, spinach, or brocolli to use them before they spoil.

Vegetarian, kid-friendly, 30 minutes or less

Enjoy!!!!!!  : )