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Faith of Bounce

My take on toilet learning!

Being a teacher in a toddler classroom it is important to create a positive atmosphere in the bathroom. Toddlers will have their first experiences with “big toilets” between daycare and home and we want those experiences to be as pleasant as possible. Personally I ask each toddler “do you want to try the toilet today?” while I’m changing diapers first thing in the morning. I can’t stress enough that it is so very important to respect the answer “no” and respond to the answer “yes”. Sometimes they will begin with a yes but change their mind and that’s ok too. Toilet learning is pretty much the only thing in a toddlers life that they have 100% of the control so of course they will want to test that out. I have found that if they are pushed too hard or their opinions are not respected it sets them back and simply creates a power struggle between teacher/parent and child. Trust them! Although every child’s timing is different. They really do know when they are ready and will lead the way.

Karin of Bounce

Boxes are a favourite loose part for most children. The children use their imagination and come up with many uses for the boxes. They will fill them up with a variety of items and transport them around the room by pushing the box. Moving the box like this helps them develop better coordination. Sometimes they stack the boxes or fit them inside of each other. The children are using their gross motor skills, as well as they're fine motor skills when they want to paint or mark on the boxes. Sometimes the children will ask for help to cut holes in the box. They use their imagination pretending their box is a car, truck, house, cave etc. There is a book that the children often request for us to read.  It's about a bunny using his imagination to use the box for many things. The book is called Not a Box by Antoinette Portis. If you have boxes at home that you're not using give them to the children and watch their creative imagination in action. 


Angela of Bounce

The children in the Bounce Room really enjoy when we take the Shop Vac out we usually take this out on indoor days. We take out smaller and lighter balls and the children will put them up to the hose and watch the balls float up, the children are laughing and having tons of fun with this. We take out the feathers and the children will hold the feathers in their hands and put them on top of the hose, the children have fun picking up the feathers then repeating this over and over again. The teacher who is holding the hose for the shop vac will put it up to their face and the children will laugh, then they are saying “ My turn, my turn”, this is such a fun activity and the children could do this activity for hours.  This activity is good for fine motor, science, movement and social and language development,

Pat, Our Inclusion Coordinator

Separation Anxiety

Well now, this may be a little premature but it is never too early to prepare. Eventually we will reopen and return to the centre, sooner rather than later we hope. It will not be unusual for some of the children to develop anxiety from having to separate from the parent or parents or whoever has been their caregiver, especially if it's a family member. The effects of this can be lessened if they are prepared. It is good that they know us and have kept in touch through the facebook online contact we continue to have with them. Still they are living a dream being with you all this time. They will no doubt be experiencing the anxious moments you may be having due to the Covid 19 experience we are living. They will not fully understand, just like us, right! So when they don't want to leave the home and then have to let you go, it will be a very normal reaction if they cry, tantrum or just are sad. They will be happy to see their friends however they want you. You will need to practice your self regulation at this time as it is best if he/she sees this so they can model this also. They will likely be more calm if their parent is calm and speaks in a low, calm and patient manner. It won't be long when they will be back comfortable in their old routine.

Please talk about their returning to our program with them so it will be easier on them.

Hopefully we will see you very soon! Missing you all.

Kitchen Heather

Hi everyone instead of posting you a recipe, I would like to take this time to say that I am doing well staying home and keeping busy. My daughter Brittany and her husband Laurent and their dog Payton live in Montreal and I talk to her everyday and worry for them. I am getting lots of ideas at Kids R Kids so I will be prepared when they have my little grandchildren. Stay safe and say to the little ones.