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From Bev: 

Sensory Bottles

During play in the classroom the children gather around to choose which bottle they would like to explore. The children shake the bottles to create sounds, some watch the liquid (gel and glitter) and the objects inside the bottles move around. Some of children roll the bottles on the floor, line them up and stack the bottles. Some children transport them to other areas of the classroom. During play with the bottles, it gives the children direct contact with sensory, and science. 

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From Sandra: 

The children like to explore sensory bags. You use a large Ziploc bag and fill it about a quarter to half full with paint, shaving cream or hair gel and in the classroom we taped it to the shelf and the children explored the feel and when they rubbed their finger over it it made a track through it.

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 From Bella: 

Give babies the freedom to move around. Young infants enjoy being on their backs so that they can kick, wiggle, and look around. Older infants need space and time to practice crawling, creeping, pulling up, and walking. Spending too much time in a walker, playpen, or infant swing may inhibit the development of these important skills.

Reference: Ages & Stages

 From Kelsey: 

Kelsey demonstrates (with Kiki's assistance) Head & Shoulders, Knees and Toes