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From Tiffany:

We're Going on a Bear Hunt  is a great book to read with your children. Both the toddlers and preschoolers enjoy it. The best is when you get up and move around with your children as you act out the actions in the book! Example: Climb up some stairs on the mountain part or just walk on the spot. Move your hands like your walking through tall grass and pushing it out of your way ect. The absolute best is when you make it all the way to the Bear's cave and have to run away acting scared. I've added my own spin at the end of this a few times where I ask the children what we're going to do and follow their lead. Sometimes this involves pretending to get into cars, spaceships, back to the cave to see the bear again and lots of other great ideas that let the children use their imaginations.  A definite favourite!!!

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From Darlene:

Today I thought I would talk about our gathering; (some programs call this Circle Time) this is my favourite time of the day. I really enjoy singing with the children as well as doing the action songs so we all can be a little silly because that is what children like doing. We often start off with the Good Morning song  ---  not all the time but they really enjoy singing it. Then I ask the children what song they would like to sing and they typically say "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" --- that is a very popular song (It is a variation from the one you are thinking of!!!).  I first learn that song a long time ago when I first started my career in the Early Childhood field. One of the children wanted to teach it to me so we all could sing that song. So one day I said to the children "Would you like to learn a new song?" and they said yes. So here we are today still singing that song, so first I ask "Do we do mommy first or daddy?" and they answer and then before we’re even done the first part, they start saying "Let’s do the other!" It’s so funny! It’s a song but they really enjoy singing it, and there are a lot of comments after we sing it. There is a big discussion in the class  and they always say "It’s a funny song Darlene because my mommy or daddy doesn’t drive a rusty car!" So here are the words for that song and please ask your children and ask them to sing it for you, you will really enjoy that song.

Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar
My Mommy Drives a rusty car
Turn the ignition (that when you pretend to put a key in the ignition and turn your hand) and pull the choke & off we go in a cloud of smoke
Twinkle Twinkle chocolate bar.

So say hi to the children for me tell them I miss them and you all take care
Love Darlene


From Rita: 

Sometimes the sound of learning is silence! What I mean is, when we have set out an activity for the children, such as a water play, you would think it would be loud and rambunctious, which would totally be okay. Though, normally, the children are highly focused on what they are doing in front of them. Their cognitive skills are kicked in and they need their attention and concentration on the task at hand. This is usually a very silent time as all the children's brains are working the same way, engaged in such an engrossed manner. It is truly amazing to witness! Of course, the children want to show off their work, what they think is cool about the activity, and our general attention while they play.