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Date:  January 11, 2016

In Attendance:  Warren Haire, Lisa Strenkoswki, Brandy McIntosh / Patricia McIntosh, Heather Hansen-Dunbar

Regrets:  Karin Bradley, Shelley Rideout, Loni Vicaire, Tamika Lightfoot

From the Daycare Act:  The facilitys agenda for each meeting includes (48 (5))

     Safety, care and well being of the children (48 (5)(a)):  there have been some cases of stomach flu, fevers, and 1 case of conjunctivitis, a couple of children have coughs.  Shelf needs to be repaired in Bounce that holds music player.   

     Status of facilitys license (48 (5)(b)):  fully in compliance, no violations

     Programs provided by the licensee (48 (5)(c )):   Our curriculum is Emergent.   We provide both full and part time programs for toddlers and preschoolers; full time programs only for infants.

     Equipment & materials available to the children (48 (5) (d)):  Regular toys, materials, art supplies for the children are the same as previously noted. Fairy Houses have not arrived yet. 

  • Staffing patterns and staff qualifications (48 (5) (e)):

      Baby Room:   4 staff:  1 Level 1, 2 Level 2s,  Mezzo:  1 staff: Level 1, Bounce:  3 staff:   3 Level 2s, Zest:  3 staff:  3 Level 3s, Vivacity:  3 staff:  1 Level 3, 1 Level 2, 1 Level 1, Dynamic:  3 staff:  1 Level 1, 1 Level 2, 1 Entry Level.   We have a Bounce teacher who is on medical leave prior to her maternity leave which begins in February.  We have a Zest teacher on medical leave until March 7th.  Our regular sub Fatema is working a lot for us right now.  HWHS has a Co-op placement student with us.    Her name is Jessica and she is in the Bounce room and finishes Jan 21st.    NSCECE has another ECE practicum student starting with us on Jan 25th and will be in Zest.

  • Fundraising:

The Parent Committee is assisting with the funds to send 4 staff to the conference in Maryland in April 2016:   We registered the spaces. A draw took place at the KrK Staff Retreat in October for eligible teachers and the following names came out:  Karin of Tangible (Baby Room), Aislinn (Zest Room), Darlene (Dynamic Room) and Ellie (Vivacity Room).     Aislinn has approached the office to withdraw her name for the trip. 

The Parent Committees account stands at $3392.89.  This money has been allocated for the annual Teachers’ Appreciation event in the spring.  The event usually takes about $1200 - $1400 and the remainder of the funds are a safehold in the account which may be allocated towards either the blocks or the PD for special away conferences. 

Current Fundraising Activities:    

      Regal catalogues  --- this concluded on Dec. 31st.  Lisa is emailing them to see where we stand with regards to the final total and if our cheque for our portion has been mailed.

      Daycare Sleepovers -  1 took place in November and 1 in December raising $1400 (Spring date to be determined)

      Lucky Duck Lotto – Warren has sent off the form for the ticket books for 120

      Mama’s Pantry possibly

We are raising funds to eventually get the blocks   we dream of brochure on display in the front entrance.  We are also planning 1 – 2 sleepovers in the new year.  We conduct the Lucky Duck Lotto  ticket sales in January / February.  We will need to have funds for the annual Teacher’s Appreciation Day in the spring of 2016 (May). 


10/30/2015 MONTHLY PLAN FEE -$1.95
11/13/2015 etransfer sleepover Mtchell 2 kids Nov/15 $70.00
11/30/2015 MONTHLY PLAN FEE -$1.95
12/4/2015 etransfer sleepover Mtchell 2 kids Dec/15 $70.00
12/9/2015 sleepover monies raised from November / December /15 $1,260.00
12/31/2015 MONTHLY PLAN FEE -$1.95

Next Parent Committee Meeting:   Monday, February 8th , 2016