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APRIL 18, 2016

In Attendance:  Shelley Rideout, Tamika Lightfoot, Pat McIntosh, Heather Hansen-Dunbar  

Regrets:  Warren Haire, Karin Bradley

From the Daycare Act:  The facilitys agenda for each meeting includes (48 (5))

     Safety, care and well being of the children (48 (5)(a)):  there have been 2 cases of conjunctivitis. There is a virus with persistent cough and high fever (approx. 10% of children have had it over past month)

     Status of facilitys license (48 (5)(b)):  fully in compliance, no violations


     Programs provided by the licensee (48 (5)(c)):   Our curriculum is Emergent.   We provide both full and part time programs for toddlers and preschoolers; full time programs only for infants.

     Equipment & materials available to the children (48 (5) (d)):  We have still not found a good price on this:  colored masking tape for the classrooms that is financially affordable. Fairy Houses have not arrived yet.  They were shipped but were sent back to the states by customs.  We have a credit with Avron as we sent back a jug of tempera paint.  We are ordering some balance bikes.  We received all of the Body Sox we ordered.

  • Staffing patterns and staff qualifications (48 (5) (e)):

      Baby Room:   4 staff:  1 Level 1, 2 Level 2s, Mezzo:  1 staff: Level 1, Bounce:  3 staff:   3 Level 2s, Zest:  3 staff:  3 Level 3s, Vivacity:  3 staff:  1 Level 3, 1 Level 2, 1 Level 1, Dynamic:  3 staff:  1 Level 1, 1 Level 2, 1 Entry Level.  We currently have a job opening for 1 permanent staff as 1 of our Zest teachers has given notice.  She is leaving our field of practice. 

  • Fundraising:

The Parent Committee was assisting with the funds to send 4 staff to the conference in Maryland in April 2016:   Note:  Karin was not able to go so we sold her registration and successfully recouped the costs.

The registration fee per person was $315.00 U.S. (included accommodations, meals and workshops for 2.5 days) which at the time exchanged to $403.67  ---  3 people = $1211.01

Airfare was $374.43 per person = $1123.29 for all 3

The majority of meals were covered for the 3 staff during the actual conference.

There were a handful of meals outside during the 2 days of travel and there were 2 Supershuttle costs x 3 people.

These items are under incidentals and are covered by our operational budget. So total seeking from committee:  $2334.30

Current Fundraising Activities:    

Lucky Duck Lotto raised $1041.10 after contributing the portion to Recreation NS as per the terms and conditions of the fundraiser.

We do not have enough volunteers for the Spring 2016 sleepover due to Mother’s Day, Victoria Day, NSCCA conference conflicts

The account will have enough in it to more then cover Teachers’ Appreciation Day and then to go towards the Outlast Blocks or to go towards next year’s PeP Conference or next year’s Teachers’ Appreciation Day.


12/9/2015 sleepover monies raised from November / December /15 $1,260.00
12/31/2015 MONTHLY PLAN FEE -$1.95
1/31/2016 MONTHLY PLAN FEE -$1.95
2/24/2016 Regal fundraiser $186.89
2/29/2016 MONTHLY PLAN FEE -$1.95
3/7/2016 Lucky Duck fundraiser $1,041.10
3/31/2016 MONTHLY PLAN FEE -$1.95