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Date:  September 15, 2016   

In Attendance:  Tamika Lightfoot, Lisa Strenkowski, Karin Bradley, Pat McIntosh, Heather Hansen-Dunbar  

Regrets:  Warren Haire, Shelley Rideout, Sarah Hoban

From the Daycare Act:  The facilitys agenda for each meeting includes (48 (5))

     Safety, care and well being of the children (48 (5)(a)):  there are currently numerous cases of stomach flu with both vomiting and diarrhea. This has been happening in all aged rooms. The classrooms have been doing additional sanitizing to combat the germs.

     Status of facilitys license (48 (5)(b)):  fully in compliance, no violations


     Programs provided by the licensee (48 (5)(c)):   Our curriculum is Emergent.   We provide both full and part time programs for toddlers and preschoolers; full time programs only for infants.

     Equipment & materials available to the children (48 (5) (d)):  Bought new story books, resource books, tinkertrays (Exploring Sense NS), water pumps (metal from Lee Valley) fairy houses (Exploring Senses NS), wooden puzzles, and approximately 15 used commercial tricycles from UCC. 

     Staffing patterns and staff qualifications (48 (5) (e)): 

      Baby Room:   Team of 4:  Two Level 2s and Two Entry Levels, Mezzo:  Solo Teacher:  One Level 1, Bounce:  Team of 3:  Two Level 2s and One Level 1, Zest:  Team of 3:  Three Level 3s (one is working a maternity leave term position for us until February when a Level 2 is slated to return), Vivacity:  Team of 3:  One Level 3, One Level 2, One Level 1, Dynamic:  Two Level 3s, One Level 2. 

  • Fundraising:

Our Parent Committee has always raised funds to both support enhanced activities for our program, to purchase big-ticket items, and to send our staff to large ECE conferences that are far away.  Additionally, the committee created an annual event, The Teachers Appreciation Day that they ensure the funds are there each year for the continuity of this special day to celebrate the team.  There is a staff  meeting on the 21st which the team will discuss PD and conferences and will inform the committee of any large PD plans for 2016 2017.  Tonights group brought up the dream purchase of the Community Playthings Outlast Blocks and the concept of this purchase was re-visited.  We decided to inquire of a local builder if he would be able to replicate these products and the response will be share at the next meeting. 

Current Fundraising Activities:   

We are currently fundraising with Lovable Labels.  --- 20% of the purchased amount goes to the committee and 80% goes to Lovable Labels.  We also have the information for Mom’s Pantry and are launching this campaign at the beginning of November. 


2/24/2016 Regal fundraiser

Our next meeting is Monday, October 17th, 2016 from 7 to 8:30 pm

See you then!



2/29/2016 MONTHLY PLAN FEE -$1.95
3/7/2016 Lucky Duck fundraiser $1,041.10
3/31/2016 MONTHLY PLAN FEE -$1.95
4/20/2016 reimbursed KRK for 3 attendees to PeP conference in Maryland, air fare, shuttles, food, registrations & exchange rate -$2,334.30
4/29/2016 MONTHLY PLAN FEE -$1.95
5/13/2016 deposit $75.00
5/31/2016 MONTHLY PLAN FEE -$1.95
6/30/2016 MONTHLY PLAN FEE -$1.95
7/20/2016 reimbursement of teacher appreciation dinner -$655.99
7/29/2016 MONTHLY PLAN FEE -$1.95
8/31/2016 MONTHLY PLAN FEE -$1.95