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Our menu at KIDS R KIDS is a rotating one.  We have planned it with a registered dietician to meet the food regulations here in Nova Scotia. You can view these regulations in the Manual for Food and Nutrition in Regulated Child Care Settings

Our menu provides a morning snack, a lunch and an afternoon snack.  It is a 4 week rotating menu. This is to account for 1/3 of your child's daily nutritional needs.  The morning snack and afternoon snack are not to represent nutrition that would typical be achieved through breakfast or supper.  These kids are growing and need a bunch of vitamins and minerals!

PEANUTS - We are a peanut-careful environment.  We do not permit products that specify "may contain peanuts".  As products change their labelling often, we check the foods we purchase regularly but stress that we are peanut careful.  Peanut butter may not be on the premises at all and may not be at a special event that is off site either.  We have reminder notes at the ready should anyone forget this crucial policy.  Many parents of children without allergies, do not realize that even the smell of peanuts or a trace residue can cause an anaphylactic reaction. 

OTHER SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS - We are responsive to your specific needs for your child's nutritional needs.  If there are foods you would like us to eliminate from your child's diet, please let us discuss it.  We have always been able to accomodate these changes for various allergies or perhaps modifications respecting culture.  In some cases, if the changes are significant, families may be asked to provide the substitute foods.  We are happy to work together to make certain to meet your child's nutrional needs. We have to adhere to the food regulations so it is important we go over all of this when your child registers. 





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