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  The Vivacity & Dynamic Rooms                         

{For further information on preschool programs  Getting Your Child Ready for School (pdf)}

We have two preschool rooms at KIDS R KIDS.  Both of these rooms operate with a 1 teacher to 8 children ratio and a maximum group size in the classroom of 24.  Both of these rooms are established with a variety of equipment to develop specific skills in the children: water play, textured play, art, science, math, dramatic play, library, blocks, table top, puzzles, etc. The rooms are laid out for developmentally appropriate activities relative to:  gross motor, fine motor, social, emotional, linguistic and cognitive. 

The rooms are able to really incorporate the full elements of our curriculum and involve the children in the choices for the activities.  Developmentally, preschoolers are able to articulate their interests and make plans.  They understand the plan and are able to carry it out as well as reflect on how it went.  Their primary care needs are dramatically reduced as they are most lself-sufficient with regards to bathroom needs and dressing.  More time is focussed on their play, the planned activities and socialization.  They have longer periods of involvement and smoother, shorter transitions.  The lesson plans prepared reflect the interests of the children. These rooms preparing children for "BIG" school and more importantly life.  The skills that have been developing through toddlerhood and into the preschool years, all come together with school-readiness.  The children hone many skills and concepts:  negotiation, cooperation, patience, teamwork, respect, sharing, cause-effect in addition to fine-tuning their independent thinking.  The activities are much more involved and quite long.  The children are instrumental in the program's daily implementation.  They know that learning is fun and are active initiators.  Journalling, charting, and recording are very much a part of the children's work.  They love to make books at this age and also really enjoy experiments.  The diversity of topics they want to learn about and that we guide them to and from is huge.  Maps and understanding the world is often a fascination.  Science and the environment is incorporated.  Mathematics: sizes, comparisons, measurement, counting, as well as adding and subtracting are present.  Curiosity about family, culture, diversity, and history is prevalent.  Dramatic and Artistic expression is also a part of each and every day.  Language activities are often on the go as children this age are fascinated with what letters go where and how and what spells what, etc.  Discussion charts are enjoyed especially by parents.  Field Trips round off the preparations each summer.