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Waiting List Information

We operate a waiting list for our programs at KIDS R KIDS. 

It is an extensive list for infants, typically around a count of 200 babies.  But although this sounds humongous, it is divided into months as baby families are very specific as to when they want the care.  So for example, September had 23 babies on it. 

As we are such a large center, we may on occasion have a space here or there in our toddler and preschool rooms.  We do have a list for these rooms for future spaces as again, some families indicate specific dates. 

So what we are advising is that if you would like to enroll your baby in our infant program, we would be happy to add you to our wait list.  Listed below are the pieces of information that we need from you to put on a wait list form. 

If you are interested in enrolling your child in one of our toddler or preschool programs, we advise you to either call or to e-mail and we will let you know if there is any availability.  We would require the same information from you if we are full. 


Star System

We use what we have dubbed the "star system" on our wait list.  When we first began to operate a wait list, we had families placed in order of date of call.  After utilizing this method for a year, we decided that relationships with the families we serve as so important, that we should somehow be able to build this into our wait list.  When a family goes on the wait list, we explain that they must call regularly to maintain / increase their status on our list.  Each call gains a star on their form which we also date.  These calls begin to form a rapport with our center.  Only members of our administrative team regularly & consistently answer the phone, so we begin to get to know you and your family as you begin to know us.  You may call and say "Hi, this is Sue Smith, I am on the baby wait list and I am calling for my star", then we will ask you what month you are under and we look you up and give the star.  Usually the conversation continues for a minute or two with "Sue" asking how things are looking and we may be asking how "Joey" is doing.  The frequency of calls should vary with the timeline.  If a family is expecting their child, they may just call us every 6 - 8 weeks or so.  If on maternity leave, towards the beginning, then usually every 4 weeks or so.  A couple of months before needing the care, we advise you to accelerate your calls to about every 2 weeks.  This system really works well for us and the families that enroll.  We will not log calls that come daily as we do need to focus on the families that are already here and therefore need the phone lines to be open.