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Inclement Weather / Emergency Closures

It is here that we will post any notices of early closure, program cancellation, or emergency closures due to weather or any bizarre conditions.  Provided we have power to post it that is.  We also put it on our voice mail at the daycare too. 

Prior to the fall of 2003, we had only had to close for a half a day (twice).  Once as freezing rain arrived at noon and was severe with warnings to continue through the evening so we closed early.  Another time, we opened at noon, after a night of tremendous snow. 

Then along came 2003 and 2004:  Hurricane Juan and White Juan, mere months apart. 

We were unable to open the day after the night of Hurricane Juan due to lack of power.  We were very, very lucky.  We had power late that first day and opened the next one.  No damage at all other than a new battery needed here and there!  Very very lucky!  Many of our staff and families had no power all that week. 

Hurricane Juan Video (duration - approximately the length of a typical radio song)

Then a couple of months later, White Juan hit us!  That was something!  We were closed for several days with this barrage of snow.  No one could even access our street --- for days!!!

So we hope to never experience anything like that again! 


My niece and daughter investigate the height of the situation.


Our favorite part-time employee industriously shovels the baby deck. 


Looks like no vehicular usage today... :(    & Looks like no picnics anytime soon either... :( 


It is unlikely we will be in the sandbox anytime soon.  :(  --- Has anyone seen the gate???